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Mind training for the IT professional: learn to manage your own OS for optimal performance. My Mind Farm’s presentation for Funda.


A brain, like a computer, is an input/output system. It receives information from outside, assesses it, translates it into necessary action and executes. This serves three main purposes: safety, satisfying wants and needs, connection. This entire process is called emotion. Feeling (all we seem to know of our emotions) is merely the brain’s feedback to the user to notify them of a system state.

Most people have no clue how that brain works. It thus works in poorly managed default mode, which is basic protection/safety first; seeing things negatively. Most information is assessed as threat first, and only then the benefits are assessed.

This assessment means roughly: new information is compared with stored threat-information in memory. This process is not very accurate (low resolution). It means a lot of situations are false positively considered a threat. This is like seeing to many bears on the road, also when they’re not really there. Those newly assessed events are again stored with a threat value, thus making the databanks more strongly biased toward threat. This causes stress, fear, all symptoms of system blockage.

Logically there’s a way out: re-assign positive values to information. And nowadays we know this can be done. In a safe way, and its healthy and productive.


Like a computer, you can tweak the brain. The process is just much slower. It means getting inefficient information connections to wilt, and building new ones by pointing attention to the beneficial aspects of experiences in life and consciously experience them (store positive material in memory and consolidate it). Even cooler, you can even reassign positive value to previously negatively stored material. To change a brain program takes a median of 60 days of daily short practice (minutes).

New and old science has defined training methods to accomplish this. Esoterically you’re told to sit on a cushion and feel your breath…whatever that may do? Systematically we (My Mind Farm) can tell you that by experiencing the breath you direct attention in the brain (like in a computer focus) to the areas that control experiencing/sensing. Then you internally monitor if attention remains where is should be, or if it wanders (with controlling networks). If it wanders you systematically direct it back (a learned process). This process loops. That’s an algorithm! Indeed it is, and that was the way it was meant to be. In sutras (very esoteric) this process was described in poetic (programming) language. For many that was hard to understand. Our (neuroscientifically proven) training methods say, have crisp language, and follow a protocol (like a computer program). We provide the protocols. Further develop those protocols suited to your specific needs.


By learning to direct attention and monitor for early wandering behavior you develop a tool of close monitoring with long attention span. Now you have a tool to tweak emotion. That input/output process that controls all your actions. People start to understand what they react to, why, and how you can control that when the behavior is unwanted.

When emotional management is learned the correct way, people realize others have it too. They realize how to address their own emotional states (i.e. program yourself in the correct language and syntax), and thus you learn to speak the language that is really understood by others. In other words, the connection protocols can be optimized.

Now people trained this way become optimal connectors. Agile scrum processes, OKR processes, other efficiency methods are all greatly enhanced. Now they become much more powerful tools. Fears and anxiety for connection and presentation disappear. People voluntarily tell other people about their wants, needs and goals. Aligning those goals, becomes an enjoyable process. Work becomes more efficient, people stay healthier, work is more fun, people are nicer to each other and to the customers.

My Mind Farm helps make life optimal, enjoyable and easy. We speak your language and listen. We assess your problems, and provide you with an efficient solution.

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