“Success: sharp mind, emotional intelligence and skilled communication”

My Mind Farm – Neurological Awareness Training


“Success: sharp mind, emotional intelligence and skilled communication”

My Mind Farm Neurological Awareness Training

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What we do.

“Excellent communication requires a focused mind and emotional intelligence.”

By using a combination of mind training, emotional intelligence and cutting-edge negotiation techniques. We help companies and persons reach their highest potential.

All our training methods are backed by neuroscience.

Company training

improvement employee engagement

Burnout prevention


Intelligent communication




Sharp negotiation skills


Individual training

A worry free mind


No more brain fog


Increased confidence


Connect with people easily


Always know what to say


You develop.


You will gain a steady and powerful ability to focus. This will help you be more aware and in control during stressful situations.


Learn skills to communicate more effectivily. Learn to take control of a converstation in a sincere and ethical way.


Learn to recognize emotional responses and use them to connect with people more easily. Learn to accept and control your own emotions.


Connect with people more easily. Gain their trust by saying the right things, even when your under pressure.

Our flagship programs

You can learn this step by step or in ‘Excellerated’ fashion in one integrated super program.

Excellerated stage Higher level Fundamental level
building the resources to thrive

Exellence in attentional skills (EQ)  and Communication/Negotiation

Exellence in attentional skills (EQ)  and Communication

Exellence in attentional skills (EQ)

What you get out of it.

Stable and balanced mind


Cure brain fog


Emotional intelligence


Vitality and energy


Better problem solving


Deeper enjoyment of work


Improved social skills


Better quality of life


Increased self confidence



“Steven and Alice taught us loving attention towards ourselves. This enabled us to discover our aspirations in life, act upon them and realize our potential. We are grateful for what we have learned and we will carry it with us every day in thought, emotion, action, and practice.” Daniel and Elvira

Owners, Simbiosis Studio

“My Mind Farm connects mindfulness, meditation and management. Well thought out but also with humor. Steven places more emphasis on understanding and Alice on experiencing mindfulness. It’s a delight to let go of the delusion of the day and to shift focus to the here and now. Not as an end in itself but as a basis for conscious action.” Arno Ploeg

Owner, Law firm Ploeg

“The real power of My Mind Farm is that Steven and Alice truly care about your development. They gave me tremendous support. My training with them profoundly changed me as a professional and a human being. I connect with people easier, have more self esteem and more enjoyment in life.” Wesley Schmidt

Online campaigner, Greenpeace

Meet our team.

Together we have 40 years of experience working with complex organisations. Steven as a neurologist and Alice as a professional music teacher and conductor. We use training methods that we ourselves have used for over 30 years and are reviewed and tested by respected peers.

We don’t waste your time.

Alice Claus-De Jong

Alice Claus-De Jong

trainer / coach

Fosters growth in performance, creativity and intuition by combining her training in self development with her strong background in the creative/music as music academy student, performer, conductor, quartet leader, teacher.
Steven Claus-De Jong

Steven Claus-De Jong

trainer / coach

Decades of experience in large complex organizations; expert background in brain science, mind/emotion/communication training. Fosters the simultaneous growth in performance and pleasure through only the most effective methods of training.


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