Personal training.

Succes: a sharp mind, emotional intelligence and skilled communication

Do you want a clear and focused mind? To know what to say during difficult conversations and even enjoy it? You’re in the right place!

Using mind-training, emotional intelligence and cutting-edge negotiation techniques we will teach you these skills in a personalised training program. You will learn to tame your mind, be in touch with your emotions and raise your awareness.

This makes you connect more easily with the people around you. But the most important thing, is that you learn to enjoy your work and your life. We know – through science – that happiness is an attainable state. Everybody deserves to be happy at what they do. And everybody can be.

Some of the benefits:

Make a true personal connection to people around you

Get people to open up to you and feel more relaxed around you

Understand what drives people in any social interaction and negotiation

Get to know and understand your own mind, feelings and emotions

Always know what to say and how to say it

Choose your own level

Together we decide on the level of commitment in time and energy.

Basic level

Say goodbye to brain fog worrying and negative thoughts. Learn to recognize the ‘fake news’ of your brain.

Using ancient meditation techniques and brain training you wil develop a relaxed, happy and focused mind.

Experience a boost in brain power, energy and well-being.

Master level

Deep insights in the workings of your mind and emotions. Learn techniques that will enhance positive neuroplasticity to accelerate learning and change.

Learn advanced communication skills and negotiation techniques. Skilful awareness and use of emotion in interaction with others. Learn to take control of a conversation in a sincere and ethical way.

This will open up huge possibilities for you. People skills will make your job easier and your life more fulfilling.


Learn how your emotional responses work and how you can change them.

By becoming intimately familiar with your own emotions you will recognize them in others.

You will experience deeper more meaningful connections Overcome fear, anger and sadness.

We specialize in.


Real focus is stable, relaxed and doesn’t make you tired. It is the basis for a happier and more fulfilling life.


Reduce stress and feel happy by learning ancient relaxation techniques that you can apply for the rest of your life.


Learn to reach you full potential. Shake of doubt and raise your self esteem. Be an inspiration to those around you.


Learn how people are feeling by recognizing their emotional response and asking the right questions.


Learn how to take control of difficult negotiations in a sincere and ethical way.


Learn how to make connections with people and collegues more easily.

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