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Neurology and creativity combined with 40 years of leadership, coaching/training, psychology,
new and ancient mind training
We know your situation because of our combined (complex) organizational experience of 40 years
and the combined 30 years of improving it ourselves first with all the techniques we bring to you.
We only use what has been proven effective by ourselves and by peer reviewed research. We don’t
waste your time.

Alice Claus-De Jong

I worked for 15 years as an academically trained musician (Amsterdam Conservatory) and built extensive experience in conducting and training choirs, quartets, and individual students. I made a point growing the creative potential in everyone I worked with. I soon realized I liked this so much, that I wanted to do this with anyone, not only with musicians. Then I found mind training and Positive Neuroplasticity, and realized where the real learning potential lies: focus, feeling and emotion was the missing link to attain professional satisfaction no matter what you do. I chose to share this particular knowledge with anyone who needed it. I studied focus, feeling and emotion; I qualified to teach PNT. It is now my mission to bring this to any organization/person intending to make the transformation to success.

Steven Claus

My interest in teaching mind training started when I realized that brain knowledge does not directly bring quality of life. 20 years of experience in complex health care organizations has taught me how to work diligently to accomplish, but not how to be happy at it. So I started exploring the mind sciences, with the brain sciences as my starting point. To see if I could improve my quality of life. It worked. I started teaching it on small scale to others. It worked for them too. The doing of the many practices taught me a very valuable lesson: change is not in thinking; change is in feeling and doing. Book/thinking knowledge supports pleasure in progress, it does not in any way cause it.

Now we know – through science – that happiness is an attainable state. Through cultivation/practice. Everybody deserves to be happy at what they do. And everybody can be. I realized I wanted to contribute to this happiness all the things I had been able to learn. Everybody deserves a good and happy (life) career.

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