Company training.

A strong corporate mind: many healthy strong
minds working together

Do you want an inspiring company culture? Focused and happy employees? Strong team cohesion? Skilled networkers? Expert and emotionally smart negotiators? Do you want to prevent stress and burnout? You’re in the right place!

Using mind-training/focus, emotional intelligence and cutting-edge negotiation techniques. We help teams become more focused, better connected, more efficient, stress resilient and happy. In advanced levels we give tools to cultivate expert negotiators and inspiring leaders. These skills will make your people excel and your company thrive.

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Some of the benefits:

Better people skills


More resilient to stress


Burnout prevention


Stimulate employee engagement


Time efficient and organised


Builds a strong team spirit


We specialize in.


Getting ideas across, actively working towards shared goals, knowing and cherishing the team values to get things done!


Become an expert negotiator by learning to take control of conversations in a ethical way. Learn people skills that make people love you.


Marks people who excel: whose relationships flourish, who are stars in the workplace (Daniel Goleman).


Realizing your goals while maintaining the integrity of the relationship


The result of many EQ/IQ strong developers synchronized


focus training is healthy


“Steven and Alice taught us loving attention towards ourselves. This enabled us to discover our aspirations in life, act upon them and realize our potential.

We are grateful for what we have learned and we will carry it with us every day in thought, emotion, action, and practice.” Daniel and Elvira

Owners, Simbiosis Studio

“My Mind Farm connects mindfulness, meditation and management. Well thought out but also with humor. Steven places more emphasis on understanding and Alice on experiencing mindfulness. It’s a delight to let go of the delusion of the day and to shift focus to the here and now. Not as an end in itself but as a basis for conscious action.” Arno Ploeg

Owner, Law firm Ploeg

“The real power of My Mind Farm is that Steven and Alice truly care about your development. They gave me tremendous support. My training with them profoundly changed me as a professional and a human being.

I connect with people easier, have more self esteem and more enjoyment in life.” Wesley Schmidt

Online campaigner, Greenpeace

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